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Sveinn Bedroom Set

Hello sweets! This is a (Sims 4) bedroom set is part of a series of custom content that I made some time ago for personal use, and I am sharing with all of you today. Below you can find a list of all the items that this set contains:

✺Closet Shelf: 3 swatches.

✺Closet Window I L: 3 swatches.

✺Closet Window I M: 3 swatches.

✺Closet Window I S: 3 swatches.

✺Closet Window II L: 3 swatches.

✺Closet Window II M: 3 swatches.

✺Closet Window II S: 3 swatches.

✺Closet Window III L: 3 swatches.

✺Closet Window III M: 3 swatches.

✺Closet Window III S: 3 swatches.

✺Codor Design Floating Drawer Dresser: 2 swatches.

✺Design House Stockholm Basket Rug: 3 swatches.

✺Iconic Mirror by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova: 4 swatches.

✺Leather Cushion and Pillow (deco): 3 swatches.

✺Leather Cushion and Pillow (functional seat): 3 swatches.

✺Maison et Object Mixed Materials by Michael Verheijden: 2 swatches.

✺Nahtrang Studio Volta Light M: 2 swatches.

✺Nahtrang Studio Volta Light S: 2 swatches.

✺Wardobe Bar Horizontal I: 2 swatches.

✺Wardobe Bar Horizontal II: 2 swatches.

✺Wardrobe Bar Vertical: 2 swatches.

✺Worth Queen Bed Blanket: 15 swatches.

✺Worth Queen Bed Fur Throw: 12 swatches.

✺Worth Queen Bed Pillow: 20 swatches.

✺Worth Queen Bed: 4 swatches.

Items not mentioned above are not included in the set and have only been used for staging purposes


While the bed is functional and your sims can sleep in it, there are some clipping issues that occur since the size of the bed is a bit bigger than a regular sims 4 double bed, and the reason for that is because when I made it I made it with the purpose of mostly using it to decorate my sims homes as I am not much of an actual game player I am more of a (sims 4) interior designer. So if you don't mind that, then you will definitely enjoy having this bed in your game :)

More screenshots next:

::If anyone wishes to get recoloring resources for these items please let me know and I will gladly make them available to you::


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