On The Rocks TS4

Desert living at its best!

(there is a lot of information - you've been warned, lol!) 🤗

On The Rocks was inspired by Amey Kandalgaonkar’s epic concept of House Inside A Rock (see included pdf with information and pictures).

My inspiration for this build came about two years ago when I first saw pictures online of House Inside A Rock. I was blown away by this phenomenal concept and wanted to build it in the game. At the time, I had a lot of other things going on and couldn't spare the time to do it. With all the recent updates, however, to the game ~ especially adding in all the liveeditobjects ~ I knew that I would finally be able to bring this build into my game. While it is not exact (and someone else may be able to do a closer representation of this magnificent idea*), it is amazing AND playable!

*The Sim Stream just (Feb, 7, 2020) put up an awesome speed build of her version (cc-free) of this concept build here: House In A Rock ~ Go see it; it is marvelous!

On The Rocks consists of four levels, although only the first level is at ground height. The other floors are high atop a huge rock grouping with expansive views and tons of privacy! While the build is Brutalist in its architecture, the design is a fusion of Asian and Modern styles. Indulge in the Zen atmosphere infusing both the interior and exterior spaces. There are only two bedrooms but there are entertainment areas aplenty (and 4.5 bathrooms 👀).

Important Note: This build uses a combination of Elevator Mods by K9DB and LittleMissSam.

I’ve included a tutorial, How To Elevator* like szanne7000, to simplify getting and installing the files. It is just like adding custom content – so, not scary at all. I’ve also included web pdf prints for both creator’s pages regarding these files in case you’d like to peruse them offline.

I’m available to answer any questions – should they arise. 🧐

This build was fully play-tested by Bodaccia – I’m so happy you enjoy testing my builds. Knowing that simmies and their pets are able to do their thing is extremely important. Thank you so, so much! 💞

Per her usual, this build was fully tested throughout all Seasons. All links in the Credits & Links pdf file have been tested so content that isn’t included will be easy to download.

I could not do these builds without you! 💕

On The Rocks has been built, landscaped, furnished, and decorated with a combination of game and custom content – much of which is included with the download.

Please see the included Credits & Links pdf file for all the links needed to complete this lot for your games, including some notes you may find useful.

Custom Content

There is custom content included thanks to several wonderful creators here at Blooming Rosy and Bloom:

Daer0n, Lavi3enrose, Sooky, TaTschu, and Tilly Tiger.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for allowing me to include your fantastic cc!❣️

I was absolutely floored this past Christmas of 2019 when I was gifted with two amazing sets of cc. My dear friend, FAB, presented me with gorgeous pictures of something I adore (you'll see). 💞 My Bestie, Bodaccia, brought together 13Pumpkin, Daer0n, FAB, SimVault, and TaTschu to put together a set of items to give to me as a gift so that I will always have her love with me. It consists of a wonderful bedroom set, marvelous bedding, stunning décor items, murals, and lovely walls. 💕 Meshes from Anidup, Chillisims, and Pocci used per their TOU's. All items are standalone and do not require the meshes, but you should go to their sites and see all their goodies.

There are a few items from these gifts included; both sets will be available here at Blooming Rosy very soon.

I cannot express how loved I felt ~ and still feel ~ from these awesome beings. 💝

I’ve also been given direct permission to share content from some amazing people:

Daer0n, DOX, Ellemant, FAB, Minimo, and Modern

Thank you very much! 💓

A fantastic creator, Devilicious (aka Pixelshrine) left the community and her site and download links are no longer available. Because of this, I’m including from my personal archive a beautiful piece of cc. You are missed and will be remembered. Thank you.

There is also other included content shared due to the generous TOUs of several creators from other sites:

13Pumpkin, Annett85, Anye, ArsBotanica, Asyli, Aza, Chicklet, DrGreenie was GG100, EZ2CIAMAPRINCESS, Ladesire, Lavi3enrose, Loverat, Mango, Michelleab, Mio, MsTeaQueen, Mxims, NITA, Picture Amoebae, Plasticbox, Pocci, Riekus13, RKM282, Sanoysims, sg5150, Sionelle, Sjamboksim, TeneBrae, TheJim07, Viikiita, Yumia, and ZxTa

Thank you all so very much for allowing your creations to be included. 💗💗💗

Content that will need to be directly downloaded by still more creators:

AggressiveKitty, ArtVitalex, ArwenKaboom, AshenSeaced, ATS4, BrazenLotus, Brujah236, D2Diamond, Ddaengsims was Dreamteamsims, Dravenxivuk, DrGreenie was GG100, EveryAtom, ForeverDesigns, Harrie, Harrie & FelixAndre, HistoricalSimsLife, Hvikis, Ilona, Jennisims, JonySimmer, K-hippie, K9DB, Kiolometro, KKB, Komu, LaLunaRossa, Leosims, Linacherie, LittleMissSam, Loree, Magnolian Farewell, Mara45123, Martine, Melly20x was AuroraSims4, ModernCrafter, Mutske, Nanakusa, Natatanec, Necrodog, Novvvas, NynaeveDesign, Ohmysims, Peacemaker, Pilar, PinkPatchy, Pocci, PqSim4, Pyszny, Ravasheen, RyotMan, SaudadeSims, Severinka, ShinoKCR, Sim4Fun, Simcredible, Simman123, SimPlistic, Spacesims, Sympxls, Tingelingelater, Torque, Ung999, Wondymoon, WyattsSims & Ratboysims, Xelenn, XxMoniquesimsxX, and Yumesims

Thank you to every creator listed - your artistry, time, and effort in creating cc for the game brings joy and happiness to so many. 💗💗💗

Important Notes

  • Please remember to fully patch/update your game and run the Repair function. Also, don't forget to batch fix any downloaded cc with sims4studio. 📌

  • Don't forget to turn on MOO before placing the lot. 📌

  • Without the Elevator files, you will need to manually move your simmies and their pets on and off the home – with them, simmies and pets will use the elevators autonomously. 📌

  • I have all EA releases for The Sims 4 and rename (Bulk Rename Utility) all my files. If you use a lot of cc like I do, you may want to run DupeGuru on a more sensitive level to ferret out any duplicate items. 📌

All pictures taken in-game with ReShade. Frames added with PowerPoint.

Download Link: Simfileshare | DOWNLOAD

More Pictures: Imgur | HERE

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