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"Francesca" Rose Gold Decor

Hello ladies! It's been a while since I posted anything, but, that is because I was working on these goodies ;) Today I bring you my newest set based on the inspirational pictures that Sooky (Francesca) posted here on the creative inspiration/suggestions thread. I named this set after her, since she was the one that provided me with the inspiration for these goodies. (So I hope you like it my dear Francesca <3)

This set contains the following:

✦Rose Gold Throw Pillow: 40 swatches.

✦Rose Gold Throw Blanket: 20 swatches.

✦Rose Gold Table Lamp: 3 swatches.

✦Rose Gold Plant Pot: 3 swatches.

✦Rose Gold Little Deco Box: 8 swatches.

✦Rose Gold Hexagonal Candle Holder: 3 swatches.

✦Rose Gold Geometric Pot I: 8 swatches.

✦Rose Gold Geometric Pot II: 8 swatches.

✦Rose Gold Frame: 12 swatches.

✦Rose Gold Clock: 3 swatches.

✦Rose Gold Canister: 15 swatches.

✦Rose Gold Beehive Mirror: 3 swatches.

✦Marbled Tray: 8 swatches.

✦Marbled Candle: 8 swatches.

✦Rose Gold Jewelry Dish: 8 swatches.

::: NOTE:::

To place the jewelry dish on top of the big tray I use annigo's OMSP's (3 cm one) because even though I put slots on the big tray, the jewelry dish won't snap onto it for some reason.

I am also providing recoloring resources in case you guys want to recolor any of these items :)

I hope you guys like this set <3



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