AlphaBlocks - A <~ the first in a series TS4

Come see this spectacular indoor/outdoor, 2 bedroom, 2 1/4 bath home with incredible views, its own lanai pool and a unique, interior atrium open to the elements.

First Floor

  • Full Kitchen

  • Living Room with access to Lanai

  • Dining Room with access to Lanai

  • Reading Nook

  • Powder Room

  • Interior Atrium

Second Floor

  • Master Bedroom and Bath (not en suite)

  • Guest Bedroom and Bath with Laundry (not en suite)

The build was fully play-tested by Bodaccia - thank you so much, my bestie - I love that you love doing this.

As always, she tested this build with a full family and pets throughout all the Seasons. She also verified every link in the Credits & Links pdf file so you may easily get all cc not included.

I could not do these builds without you <3

AlphaBlocks - A has been built, landscaped, furnished, and decorated with a combination of game and custom content - much of which is included with the download.

Please see the included Credits & Links pdf file for all the links needed to complete this lot for your games, including some notes you may find useful.

Custom Content

There is custom content included due to the wonderful creators here at Blooming Rosy:

Anidup, Daer0n, TaTschu, and Tilly Tiger. <3

I also want to give a special thank you to Chicklet from Bloom/Cherryblossimsims. She has allowed me to include the items from her gorgeous Latte Living Set with this build AND also to host the entire set.

The full set will be found in the subfolder in the download link. This way, should you want the entire set, you may have it. If you download the entire set, you will need to run it through sims4studio to batch fix the cc. I've also included a link to the Wayback Machine archive page of the original posting at Chicklet's Nest so that you may see what meshes are required.

There is also other included content shared due to the generosity of a number of creators from other sites:

13pumpkin, 2SIS, Allisas, FAB, GreenGirl100, KitkatsSimporium, MsTeaQueen, OnyxSims, Peacemaker, Plasticbox, Sims4pose, Snaitf, Spirashun, Tingelingelater, and Yumia. <3

2SIS allowed me to include the Couples Sculpture from there Love Drops set - this is so cool because that is one of the sets they have not yet updated. The item is working wonderfully and without issue in this build.

Sims4pose allowed me to include the wonderful window/shelf cutouts I used to build the top of the Atrium - thank you so much!

Tingelingelater allowed me to include her Pocci Steel Build Set in this build, as well. She is back creating and you may find the link to her site in the Credits & Links pdf.

Thank you all so very much for allowing your creations to be included.

Content that will need to be directly downloaded by still more creators:

Annett85, Brujah, Cherry-Sims, Chromasims, Clarissa, Devilicious (Pixelshrine), DLM13 Collaboration, Dreamteamsims, G1G2, Guardgian, Hvikis, Ilona, Ineliz, Jomsims, KomuDesigns, Kyma, Linacherie, Melly20x, Mio, Mutske, Nyola, OrangeMittens, PCTS4 Peacemaker, Pilar, Rirann, SaudadeSims, Severinka, Simcredible, SimlishDesigns (aka Simista/Mr S), Slox, Souris, Tigerone35, Tkangie. <3

Thank you to every creator listed - your artistry, time, and effort in creating cc for the game brings joy and happiness to so many. <3 <3 <3

All pictures taken in-game, during Spring in Live mode and with ReShade.

Download Link: Simfileshare | DOWNLOAD

More Pictures: Imgur | HERE

Please remember to fully patch/update your game and run the Repair function. Also, don't forget to batch fix any downloaded cc with sims4studio.

Don't forget to turn MOO on before placing the lot :D

I have all EA releases for The Sims 4 and rename (Bulk Rename Utility) all my files. If you use a lot of cc like I do, you may want to run DupeGuru on a more sensitive level to ferret out any duplicate items.

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