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3T4 Gosik New Vintage Kitchen

Hello my dear ladies, I am back here to bring you a conversion of a kitchen. I am not one to make kitchen sets from scratch because, lets face it, it is a looot of work, and there are also a lot of very talented people out there that already take care of that, but I will convert a kitchen set any day, so I thought this one would be a good one to share with all of you. Now, let me get into some details here, I went a bit overboard with the counter swatches, why? cause I wanted to add some variations to the counters, adding chrome and gold textures to the handles and hinges of the counters and cabinets, as well as wood, marble and plain black and white textures. Now here is what you get:

This set contains a retexture/recolor of:

✦Barstool: 10 swatches. ✦Cabinet: 18 swatches.

✦Counter I: 86 swatches.

✦Counter II: 86 swatches.

✦Kitchen decor: 12 swatches.

✦Small Cabinet I:18 swatches.

✦Small Cabinet II:18 swatches.

✦Small Counter: 86 swatches.

A sample of the swatches can be seen above. Counters include wooden variations as well as the stool has been retextured to have leather like textures with metallic chrome and gold legs.

*NOTE: Auto counters does not work with this set as the meshes to form different counters and cabinet shapes were not provided by the original creator of this set.

*To find this set in game please type "Gosik new vintage" in the game search bar.

Mesh credits:



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